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Club Drum Show

(Tim Ivanov feat. DJ Denis Agamirov)

(videographic content by Tim Ivanov Production)

International party-lable

"Monochrome Ibiza" 's event

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TimArt Club Party

(Tim Ivanov feat. DJ Elena Pavla)

Tim Ivanov – Club Drum Show

Radio Europa Plus party.

Indi Club, Nizhny Novgorod

Vklybe TV

Drum Show | Sport Edition.

Teniss club opening in Riga, Latvia.

(audio and videographic content

by Tim Ivanov Production)

Continental Hockey League KHL

season opening.

Tim performing for SKA Hockey Club

Drum support of fights at the finals of the international boxing tournament

Who is Tim Ivanov?


  Tim Ivanov is an award-winning musician, performing and recording artist, author and producer of music in a wide range of genres. Known as the Russian celebrity virtuoso drummer and showman performing electronic club music in his solo shows, and also in collaboration with DJs and pop stars. Winner of numerous international music competitions, Ivanov is also recognized as the Best Drummer of Russia*. Awarded for Best Club Show by the most prestigious media in the national club industry — VklybeTV. Official artist and endorser of the world's leading brands: Yamaha, Casio G-Shock / Timetex, Paiste, 64Audio, Mono, Wincent.

  *according to the International Drummers Contest, Roland V-Drums Contest

Musical co-host of the popular Russian TV show «Однажды в России» on the national TNT Channel


Media about about Tim: "Russia's Alpha Drummer! A bright, powerful, charismatic virtuoso who wins the audiences over with his indomitable energy and incredibly spectacular drumming technique. The unique character of his sets comes from combination of dance electronic music, live drums and modern digital percussion instruments, supplemented with crazy energy of the musician himself…» (the portal dedicated to club culture and modern life style)

Paiste Magazine

"...His aggressive energetic manner of playing is one of the highlights of any show he’s involved with and his performances are a long-lasting memory for all those who witness it... It's an explosive mixture of club music and live drums!..."

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What is Club Drum Show by Tim Ivanov?

 Club Drum Show is a bright stage performance, that combines live playing on a drum-percussion kit, mixed with electronic dance music (set consists from artist’s original tracks and DJ versions of the world hits). The original VJ-videographics make the show even more dynamic. Audience also likes the interactive episodes, where they become participants of the rhythm creation process.

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Tim Ivanov – Club Drum Show. «Intro-Reactor» episode.

(audio and videographic content by Tim Ivanov Production)


 But what makes Tim Ivanov's show a really unique one – is the Artist himself, his stunning drumming skills and almost superhuman energy that he transmits to viewers. Very powerful and positive vibe, that people can feel "under their skin". This always excites every single spectator the most.


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